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Journal Prompts

Journaling is a beautiful way to get closer to yourself without judgment. These powerful questions will help you see the emotions that have shaped your decisions and to decide which emotions you want to bring into the coming year. I'll keep adding to this list -- to get updates, be sure to sign up for my mailing list  

past feelings

  • What are the best decisions you've made in your life so far? Why?

  • What were the feelings that fueled each decision?

  • Were these common feelings for you, or out-of-the-ordinary?

Image by corina ardeleanu
Image by John-Mark Smith

Future feelings

  • What do you want your three top feelings for the next year to be?

  • Will you choose new feelings for the next year or keep some of your current feelings?

  • Do you want to feel some previously avoided emotions?

daily reflections

  • What were your wins of the day? 

  • What were your challenges? 

  • What is one gift you'd like to give yourself tomorrow? 

Image by corina ardeleanu
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